did you know

– All of our furnishing are handmade to order in the United States
– We use domestically produced steel which is over 80% recycled material
– 100% of our cutting scrap is recycled
– Welcomes customer photograph submittals for web posting
– We primarily work in steel, but all types of metals are used as well depending on the requirements
– We use domestically produced glass
– Kolkka is the winner and a 7 time finalist of the prestigious Pinnacle Award for furniture design
– They make wine in Table Country
– Custom work represents over 15% of Kolkka's overall production
– Normal delivery time is 6-8 weeks
– Has a very active architectural division for both residential and commercial building projects
– 24 standard finishes, custom color matching  plus gold and silver leaf
– All welding at Kolkka is aircraft caliber TIG process
– Will always do our best to make a great product
– Has a large ASID following across the United States
– Custom quotes are usually handled the same day
– Produces proprietary collections for several of the finest furniture companies in the US
– Offers restoration services for aged Kolkka furnishings
– Has an "Ask if you don't see it policy"
– Has been known to employ Canine models for photo shoots
– Seeks customer input on how to improve products and service
– Will customize individual table styles to suit
– Kolkka is a designer's dream